May Podcast

The podcast is a little on the short side this month as I've spent the last couple of weeks revising for my final exams and then celebrating finishing university / numbing the growing sense of dread that comes with soon having to enter the real world.


Download: (17MB MP3)

1. Animal Collective - Peacebone (Pantha Du Prince remix) / Bros
'Peacebone' has got to be one of my favourite Animal Collective songs, but I only just heard this remix from the Peacebone EP. The original track is barely recognisable - Pantha Du Prince uses just a few samples to craft a minimal masterpiece. In March, this podcast featured his recent collaboration with Panda Bear, who drops by here for a while too.

2. The Field - A Paw In My Face
Sticking with the animal theme, this track is from The Field's seminal 2007 album From Here We Go Sublime. The soundtrack to a drive home along the coast at the end of a long summer day.

3. Caribou - Sun
This is from Caribou's new album Swim, which sees him 'do a Four Tet' and combine his wistful electronica with a strong techno influence. A must-listen album.

PS. Best new M.I.A. track so far? Don't want to hate but XXXO sounded like GaGa or something...

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