May Podcast

The podcast is a little on the short side this month as I've spent the last couple of weeks revising for my final exams and then celebrating finishing university / numbing the growing sense of dread that comes with soon having to enter the real world.


Download: (17MB MP3)

1. Animal Collective - Peacebone (Pantha Du Prince remix) / Bros
'Peacebone' has got to be one of my favourite Animal Collective songs, but I only just heard this remix from the Peacebone EP. The original track is barely recognisable - Pantha Du Prince uses just a few samples to craft a minimal masterpiece. In March, this podcast featured his recent collaboration with Panda Bear, who drops by here for a while too.

2. The Field - A Paw In My Face
Sticking with the animal theme, this track is from The Field's seminal 2007 album From Here We Go Sublime. The soundtrack to a drive home along the coast at the end of a long summer day.

3. Caribou - Sun
This is from Caribou's new album Swim, which sees him 'do a Four Tet' and combine his wistful electronica with a strong techno influence. A must-listen album.

PS. Best new M.I.A. track so far? Don't want to hate but XXXO sounded like GaGa or something...


Japandroids Review + A Birthday Mix

This week saw the end of a lengthy live music drought with Japandroids playing the Harley and the brilliant Holy Fuck gracing the Deaf Institute. Having to churn out 14000 words for my degree in the last few weeks seems to have dented my ability to write anything vaguely creative, but you can read my review of the Japandroids gig over at Forge Today.

Japandroids by Paula Goodale

As a little birthday present for a fellow Diplo fan I put together a quick mix which is on mixcloud...

I'll leave you with the video for Holy Fuck's 'Lovely Allen' and an invitation to join a tribute band that definitely isn't just a drunken idea, and will be called something stereotypically British like Bloody Hell or Oh Cripes.

New podcast due sometime this week...